Google Chrome extension for displaying grouped, vertical tabs.


A single window showing all your open browser windows and tabs, listed vertically. TabFern will also save browser windows so you can close them and come back to them later with all their tabs intact.

Call for alpha testers!

If you are willing, please try TabFern and let us know how it goes! Huge thanks to those who have done so already!


TabFern is now available in the Chrome Web Store

Check out the code or report issues on GitHub.


Backup and Restore

On the menu in the bottom right (), you have options for “Backup” and “Load contents”:

screenshot of hamburger menu

Loading a backup is not a “restore” operation that takes you back to where you were. Instead, it adds the loaded information to the windows and tabs you already have open or saved. That way you don’t have to worry about losing your current place.


See the issue tracker on GitHub for more about current limitations, and where TabFern is going in the future!

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